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The story of Jaindl farms is one that is strong on tradition and family.

David purchased the farm in 2005 continuing the 74 year tradition of raising the same premium turkey as his father and grandfather. As a fourth generation family business the Jaindl's have always looked for new ideas and better ways to breed, hatch, grow and feed our turkeys.

In 2008 a soybean extruder was installed. This process converts whole soybeans into feed protein, fed exclusively to Jaindl turkeys. The environmentally friendly bio-fuel produced is used in heating the farm buildings and the all natural component in the biofuel Is a source of fuel that powers the Jaindl farm equipment.

Jaindl farms feeds it turkeys the grains, including corn and soybean meal, which are grown on 10,000 acres of prime farmland owned by the jaindl family. These grains are converted on site into fresh feed for the turkeys in Jaindl's "state of the art" feed mill located right on the farm. As much as 1,800 tons of feed will be produced each week exclusively for our turkeys.

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